Round Fanny Pack w/ 3 Pockets
Round Fanny Pack w/ 3 Pockets
Round Fanny Pack w/ 3 Pockets
Round Fanny Pack w/ 3 Pockets

Round Fanny Pack w/ 3 Pockets

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  • 2 Front Zippered Pockets
  • 1 Backside Hidden Pocket
  • Fast unsnap buckle
  • Oval Half Circle Front Pocket Design
  • 11 inches x 4.5 inches x 3 inches
  • 6.5 inch Main Compartment
  • Waist Size 31" (Smallest) and 49" (Largest)
  • Polyester


DALIX lightweight Fanny Pack features 3 useful Compartments; 2 small compartments in the front and rear, and 1 Main Compartment in the Middle. The front may be used for holding small accessories such as your keys, hotel room key cards, ID Cards, chap sticks, mints/gum, and loose change. The middle Main Compartment (6.5" long) can fit cell phones, maps, documents and any other fast grab items such as wallets, small bills, sunglasses, or small snacks. Traveling Concealment Pouch Airport Money Bag (FP-001) The rear compartment is for Extra Concealment items such as passports, large bills, and jewelry of any kind. With it being well-concealed by your waist, this rear compartment will protect from pickpocketers swiping important items. This fanny pack is also discrete enough to conceal under your shirt while walking. It features an easy-to-buckle adjustable belt snap for quick removal and transfer. The straps are adjustable with the and may be tucked in for smaller sizing.


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