Get to know SIS Staff


Nikki Reineck

Nikki is the owner of Sisters in Style. She established this company in August 2019. She is doing everything from right to left. Now she is focusing on special projects and managing the SIS team to deliver awesome products for you all! She enjoys reading inspirational and business books, and loves to travel and take vacations with her family. She is married to Michael Reineck, and they have two kids, Arianna and Brett as well as an adorable goldendoodle dog, Annie. 

Top size: XL
Bottom size: 13-15 
Height: 5’5”



Amanda (Mandie) Arteaga

About me: Hi, I’m Mandie! I have been with my husband of 10 years and we have 3 beautiful children! I love working with my circuit machine and doing some upper fixers in my home.  I’m originally from Nebraska and have been living in Indianapolis, IN for 4 years.  I am a dog lover as well and own 2 dogs: Rex, a St Bernard (3 months old now-yes BIG pup!) and Ruby, a Golden Retriever (who’s 1 now).  

Position: I am the Customer Service rep for Sisters in Style. I answer all of your emails, FB messages, VP calls and more!

Date started: June 2021
Top size: 2XL
Bottom size: 14W 
Height: 5’7”



Amanda Lecesse

About me:I was born outside of Chicago, Illinois however I was raised in Indiana for the majority of my life. I graduated from the Indiana School for the Deaf, Gallaudet University with my BA, and Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis (IUPUI) with my MA in Art Therapy.  For those who are familiar with athletics at ISD, my husband, Peter Leccese, is the athletic director. We are very proud to be parents of the three cutest (but occasionally mischievous!) little boys, Cristiano (4), Alessandro, (2), and Marcello (1). Yes, you read that right: three kids under 3, especially with the younger two being 13 months apart! We also have two puppies named Bello and Jet. Bello is a blue merle Pomeranian and Jet is a brindle Boxer. What a wild, busy house!

Position: I am a content creator/ sales representative along with several other ladies. I market clothing and accessories for Sisters In Style by being a model for pictures, reviewing articles of clothing to be advertised in the store app, and creating reels and other social media content for customers like you to enjoy!

Date started: October 2021
Top Size: S
Bottom size: I like to wear size 5 in skinny jeans. For other cuts such as the Boyfriend Fit and the Bootcut, I like to wear size 3.
Height:  5' 6" 




Carlina Fucarino

 About me: Hi! I’m Carlina, a proud mom to a little rockstar.  We’ve since then adopted a dog and two cats, so things are a little crazy at home!  Besides mommying, I enjoy getting together with my family and friends, decorating, soaking in nature, checking out new locations, and having deep conversations with (and learning from) interesting people.

Position: Creative Sales.  Not only do we pour our creative juices into our ads, fun reels and social media contents, we host our (almost daily) Live sales.  We interact with our customers and the public the most, which is the best part for me!

 Date started: April 2021
Shirt size: S
Bottom size: 3/5, S 
Height: 5’3”





Kristin Taylor

About me: I am married to my wonderful husband, Andy.  We have 3 sons, 1 dog and 2 cats too! My hobbies are hiking, traveling, going to the beach, boating, walking with my dog, and shopping.  

Position: Shipping/picker

Date started: April 2021  
Shirt size: M-L
Bottom size: 11-13
Height: 5’10.5”



Megan Maugh

About me: I was born into a hearing family, in Maryland, where I still currently reside. I have three handsome sons, who are also deaf,  and an amazing husband named Joshua. I love all things outdoors and traveling with my family is one of my favorite things to do. They mean everything to me. I also love to shop and indulge in a little self pampering.

 Position: I’m the Retail Manager at Sisters in Style Frederick Storefront. I am responsible for keeping an open line of communication with customers and employees, maintaining inventory, employee scheduling, as well as scheduling special events at the store.  I absolutely love what I do and am excited to help lead Sisters in Style to a successful future!

Date started: January 2021
Top size: M
Bottom size: 7
Height: 5’2”



Melinda Jones 

About me: I grew up in Rochester, NY and am a Gallaudet graduate. After college, I moved out west to California for grad school and work, where I met my husband Ian! After a while, we decided to move to Indiana. We have two beautiful Deaf girls, Madelaine and Coraline, who attend ISD, and I also work at ISD as a high school English teacher. I enjoy reading books, doing SIS live sales, going shopping, traveling, looking for home decor and spending time with my family & close friends.  

Position: Creative Sales rep (I love being on live and interacting with you all!!), Brand Ambassador program coordinator & content “ghostwriter” 

 Date started: January 2021 (was a guest on some live sales before that)
Top size: L
Bottom size: 16w for skinny jeans, 14w for boyfriend jeans, XL/1XL for YMI jeggings
Height: 5’8”



Mindy Wilson 

About me: I am married and have 2 boys. I am into plants and essential oils.

 Position: Warehouse Leader & Intake Coordinator

Date started: May 2020
Top Size: Medium
Bottom size: 7 or Large
Height: 5’9”



Raina DePascale

About me: My name is Raina. I'm a mother of 4 kids, I love them. My heart was taken by Johnny Mazurkiewicz Jr. I love doing crafts and spending time with my lovely family.

 Position: I focus on shipping, like pulling & scanning the items, then packing & getting them ready for shipping to you.

 Date started: September 2020

Top size: L
Bottom size: 11 in skinny jeans, size 9 in boyfriend jeans, & size M/L in leggings or joggers
Height: 5’2”



Rita DeFalco 

About me: I am a proud mother of 4 kids. I enjoy spending quality time with my kids and families. I also enjoy doing outdoor events such as camping/hiking and also enjoy doing crafts. 

Position: Social Media Coordinator. I am responsible for preorder posts, post IG stories, coordinating with content creators, giveaways, preschedule pictures on IG/FB pages, and videos reviews for consumers to know what clothes will be coming. 

Date started: May 2019 (the first employee!)
Top size: S
Bottom size: 5
Height: 5’4”



Shannon Steele 

I born and grew up in Nashville, TN. We moved to Pennsylvania last August.
My husband is from Baltimore, MD . My husband Robert and I have been married since 16 years and been together for 18 years!
My kids is Hailey (17), Chloe (15), and Robby (12).
My favorite hobby is hiking, traveling, camping, kayaking, and crafts!

My position is Retail Cashier at Sisters in Style Boutique storefront at Frederick, MD.

Date started: November 2021
Top size: M/L
Bottom size: 13/15
Height: 5’3”